Crab Sizzling

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Crab Sizzling talks about how one day Andrex and Little Ted built a small boat and went fishing, and then gave the fish (and crabs) to a weasel who then asked them to cook it for his restaurant.


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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed your teeth, you've washed your face, and you've got your pajamas on! (And you're ready for your story!)

Well, just some time ago we hit 100 people listening to my stories so this one is going to be a special and I think we should get on.

So Little Ted and Andrex had been building a boat!

Well, it wasn't really a big boat, but it was big enough for them.

It had some fishing rods, a steering wheel, a mast and decorative cannons (the cannons don't actually work)

So that day, they set sail and decided to go fishing.

So they got out their fishing rods and their sardines, and using the sardines as bait, they threw the sardines (on the poles) down into the deep blue waters.

Of course the sardines were still attached to the poles that they were holding by the ropes.

So they waited... and they waited... and they waited... until there was a wobble on Little Ted's rod.

He quickly pulled it up and he had caught a sea bass, so then he decided to put it back in and then wait again.

Sometime later in the evening Andrex's pole started to wobble, and wobble.

It wobbled so hard that Andrex could barely hold on to the rod !

He quickly pulled up and there were two crabs on it!

Now, Little Ted by the end of the day had caught three sea bass and Andrex had caught two crabs and a sardine.

Yes, a sardine with a sardine (that's pretty good) so they decided to go back to the docks and go home for the night.

As they were walking back, they met a weasel.

Now, he wasn't the sort of weasel that would steal your stuff, but he was very fond of seafood, so they decided to trade.

By the end of the day, when they had traded all of their seafood, they had three gold coins.

Now, this weasel owns a restaurant called 'The Crabby Delight' and he invited them to come over and cook for 'The Crabby Delight', just for a day

So they went over and they met the team which included an otter, and a badger and a fox and they got to work .

so they decided to start by deep-frying the sea bass they both got one sea bass each and lowered it into the boiling water.

It sizzled and it sizzled and eventually when they pulled out it was a lovely golden brown just the correct color.

So next they took it to the chopping board.

Now please don't use knives at home, they're very dangerous.

So they decided to start chopping. Slowly does it! chop chop chop chop until they had nice little bits of sardine .

Then they took the crabs and they took out all the meat out of the shell and then they placed the chunks of deep fried sea bass into the shell and of course they had washed the shell and then they drizzled it with a creamy sauce and then they started working on the vegetables.

There was a lettuce, an aubergine (or an eggplant if you're from America but let's use English vocabulary) and they also had a tomato.

'Why a tomato?' Little Ted said. 'Oh well, let's just follow the recipe and not get in trouble.' said Andrex

So off they went, chopping and sizzling and frying until eventually they ended up with the specialty that 'The Crabby Delight' served and guess what it was called?

'The golden treasure', for some reason (weird) and do you know what?

It was actually pretty nice and they went home and up to bed with their bellies full.

So that, boys and girls, was the 100 listener special, I hope you liked it.

Thanks for listening, and dream of crabs.


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