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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed your teeth, you washed your face and you're ready for your story

tonight's story is going to be called Helly Boppers

so Andrex and Little Ted were in the garden playing ball

but Andrex got bored and he said they wanted to take his helicopter and fly up into the sky

and then Little Ted said a Hallie popper

not heard of Ashleigh papa

they sound weird andric try to say they

said helicopter but Little Ted captain

thinking about Hallie boppers which are

actually the same thing they're just

different names and and so all founders

went to get his helicopter or a hello

papa in little test case so Little Ted

let stayed in the garden until Andrex

brought his helicopter out it was good

it said on the side and bright white

writing doggie helicopter and there's a

picture of a dog on the Sun made

so I'm drinking got no androids got in

and the Little Ted got in because he was

bored of playing ball and off they flew

we they went past trees mountains and

they also went into clouds and out of

clouds and hovered and flew backwards

and even did a 360 spin which was

actually quite amazing indeed so they

decided to show their tricks in their

helicopter at the stunt show so that

night they went to the stunt rope with

their helicopter and then 15 minutes

later the announcer called and here we

have two young friends Andrex and

Little Ted and up they flew they twisted

they turn they even put some coloured

smoke out the crowd was ecstatic

everyone was cheering and and cheering

the noise was so deafening that every

window in the stadium broke including

their announces glasses

oh no he mind and that was the end of the stunt show

so boys and girls I hope you like the story.

thank you for listening.

sorry if I haven't posted well because I've been very busy and it's also the holidays

right now and I shall see you in the

next story so I bid you farewell and

dream of heli boppers