How Do You Fly An Aeroplane

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story.

Tonight story is going to be called how do you fly an aeroplane

So Little Ted and Andrex had recently been down to the scrap yard

because while they were bored and they

wanted to do something and well they had

a discussion on what to make and they

decide to make an airplane so that's what they did

and finally often weeks of wobbling and

hobbling and sputtering and hammering

and bashing and clashing and sparks

flying everywhere and some burnt stuff

and burnt down wood it was finally

finished now the first thing they had to

do was test it so that's just what they did

they took it for a fly but the thing is

it didn't it just bumped along the

runway but that was because the hands

watched on the engines here they've used

the motors of an old car that's the

worked and they also used a metal from

an old pickup truck a Toyota pickup

truck specifically and the engines from

two old cars

yes more old cars I know and then when

they switched on Rush flew off off the

runway and they were flying in the air

just one but once they go into the air

they came across a very serious Club

problem indeed neither of them knew how

to fly the Arab an airplane and they had

to find out quickly because with only

the engines because they were heading

straight for a massive forest with very

tall trees eventually with the all the

arguing and wrecks accidentally fell on

them on the bottom and pushed it

it was an accident and then guess what

happened he activated the throttle which

made it go even faster

push now now heading towards the

mountain at top speed quickly little

take grabbed the joystick and pulled up

well he he pulled the joystick towards

him but in doing this humours broken and

and because of dad they did a

loop-the-loop and they headed the wrong

way and they were upside down as well

which wasn't very good so Andrex let go

and he pushed it forward so then but

then they were heading back towards the

mountain so he jiggled then Andrex

grabbed onto the joystick and jiggled it

left and forward basically for left so

it swerved off into Baja so it turned

and this time I was going back to his

dog evil I'm the doggy real scrapyard

now they had another problem they had to

find an airport now donkey will doesn't

actually have an airport so you had to

find the old runway or at least

somewhere that they can land on

like the old patch of grass

luckily doggie real has a field but

unfortunately it has loads of holes

because that was where they found lots

and lots of fossils which made they'll

give your famous so it is sacred sacred

no one is allowed to go in to that place

no there wasn't any other odd build

grass anyway so they looked for a place

to land but the only place they could

find was the town square so they decided

to vertically land there since they had

built a tilt rotor because Andrex had

said so they built so they turn the

rotors up and they came down vertically

only they forgot that they had just used

all their fuel flash bang splash

and the plane exploded boom and a

fountain exploded boom and then

everyone's minds exploded and then under

some little tears we're like oh my god

and then Little Ted was like oh I can't

look and then and it was like look his

softy look what we've done and then

Little Ted said least we are in one

piece Andrex said well the plane isn't

and it was true the plane was in ruins

well that's the end of our flying

adventures so Little Ted now what do we

do I don't know said someone well

someone in the crowd

and said Andrex

um so Little Ted and eventually they

came to clean the conclusion that they would go back home so that was what they did

Now boys and girls, that was the story. I hope you liked it thank you for listening.

Please keep up the support and everything because it really helps

and I will see you soon in next story and dream of airplanes