How Do You Fly An Aeroplane II

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brush your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story

well tonight's story is going to be called how do you fly an aeroplane

and it's the sequel to how do you fly a hot air balloon without

basically that story about the hot air balloon and no he shall gal with story

so Andrex and Little Ted were going to go in an aeroplane for the first time no very

excited I hope we will have something

exciting to do said Little Ted me too

said on jokes but for now let's just focus on getting on the plane

well it wasn't very big it was a tiny monoplane

which had two seats in the rear one seat at the front and one tiny two bladed

propeller and they sat in buckled a seat

belt and they were off but then

something very weird happened

guess what there was a bird he crashed

into the window and then the pilot fainted

so one there was no one driving the plane

to do was they were like at 15,000 feet

high and three-day plumbing ting down to

earth losing a thousand feet per second

I'm director a little too quickly

scrambled to the cockpit and andricgrad

control of the joystick and pulled back as hard as he could there are playing to

loop-de-loop and then another one and

then and it's only let go and stop doing

it as loop-de-loops howls upside down

and well it's not very good to fly when

you're upside down so Andrex decided to

take control he taxied the aeroplane

through the air and back to the airport

there but they landed with a crash the

engine blew up but they were still live

and but the plane wasn't alive all very

dead indeed and it would never fly again

okay boys and girls, that was the story I

hope you liked it thanks for listening and I shall see you in the next story to

remove aeroplanes