I Want A Bugatti Veyron

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you've brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story.

Well, tonight's story is going to be called "I want a Bugatti Veyron".

so Andrex and Little Ted had found themselves in some very big troubles indeed

but the biggest trouble was the flood that Andex's Lamborghini was wrong and what

meant that they can no longer do any stunts

unless they did a new car or at least they found a new car and bought it

now Andrex has a lot of money since his

family were famous archeologists but he can never choose which cars like the best

so they decided to go to the car

store and find out if they could get a

car so off they went the first car that

caught their eye was a Range Rover Sport it was white and shiny also had still the wheel rims

gripping tires and a load of luxury

features such as massaging seats but it

was very expensive and they decided to

go and look around see if they could

find any more other cars

the next car I found was a very fast

Bugatti Veyron now the Bugatti Veyron

holds the record for the world's fastest accelerating car Andrex's really wanted

one but it was even more expensive than

the Range Rover so they want to try and

find another car the next car they found

was the BMW z4 roadster they saw in it

pretty nice but it was not fast enough

for doing stunts in so then they found

something that looked very nice indeed

they found a Land Rover Discovery

unfortunately that wasn't good enough

for stunts they so they had a bit of a

pickle they needed a strong lightweight

fast car which can handle the stress of

like I didn't know like doing a

loop-de-loop and stuff they finally came

across a Toyota pickup truck now they

decided this was very nice indeed so

they decided to buy it because it was

very it was quite nice it came a decent

price and from a TV program that they

watched and the TV programme was about

cars they tested the Toyota by smashing

it driving it through buildings drowning

it and even dropping it from a 24 meters

tower blocks which was about to be

demolished to dynamite and it still

survived they even set fly to air and still survived

so they decide to buy it and then the

next day they went out to the stadium to

test it out it was amazing it had enough

grip like the Range Rover Discovery to

do the loop-de-loop perfectly it was

extremely tough because they landed on

the roof and the roof didn't even

crumble it's also fast because they did

a test speed and they managed to reach

90 miles per hour that's very fast for a

car and it was lightweight because they

did a massive jump from a cannon and

they actually flew pretty well yes I

know it's a car and well cars are meant

to fly so they decided to keep that one

and it was very good for everyday work

since it also had cargo space and so

they were very happy although Andrex

did go out to the souvenir store and

bought a tiny statue of a Bugatti Veyron

for some weird reason he said that he

said that he wanted one died so you

bought one oh you're so weird

send Little Ted oh really yeah

said Little Ted oh come on I told her

I'm your friend Little Ted said Andrex

yeah way it's um his break time we have

to go now right said Little Ted oh yeah

said objects so they went off to eat

hamburgers yes I know the curve eating

cheeseburgers or double burgers or a Big

Mac with fries but they decide to go and

eat hamburgers that's really weird

okay boys and girls, that was the story I hope you liked it thank you for listening and I shall see you in the next story and dream of Bugatti Veyron