Let's Go On Holiday In A Balloon

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story.

Well, tonight's story is going to be another story with Andrex and Little Ted

and is going to be called let's go on holiday in a balloon so I kind of gave away what's going to happen right now

so parents if you would like to you can pause it this now and then ask your child what you think is going to happen in the story.

Well I'll get on with the story now.

I think I've done enough talking so let's start

Little Ted and Andrex have been recently browsing on ebay.

Yes, I know, eBay, and they'd found something which

they thought said Ob bear baboo as in ox bear Baboon they decided to test out

so that very day arrived and in the box

which was very big there was a basket, a light, a burner and some string and a massive piece of fabric as well as a needle and some string some more string.

so Andrex said are we going to do about this and then Little Ted said I think

it's hot air balloon and then Andrex said well why is it say whore babbling I

think they said it wrong well let's stop arguing and let's just build this whole

bad rune a balloon so they look for in some instructions but they didn't manage

to find any so they went down to the Museum of aerodynamics which is the

science of aeroplanes and flying and

they are decided to ask mr. bird or at least well um mr. duck yes I know it's a

really stupid name but still they were

so they went down to the aerodynamics

museum and they asked him if he knew

what was and yes confirm that your was a

hot air balloon and you meant to tie

this fabric to the basket using the

string and then you'd sew the fabric

together like rely on using the string

and then you tie that

to the burner and then and then you put

stuff in the burner which will burn and

then the hot air will go into the

balloon and lift you up that's why it's

called a hot-air balloon so they went

back to their house they went into and

ryx is back yours and they started

building sooner then later they had

finished and it looked quite nice

apart from the fact they had home a

balloon dotted all over it like there's

a whole bear balloon on the basket or

bear balloon on the string and even

though bear balloon on the balloon and

the burner

oh well Andre said we'll just have to

make it so big went into the house to

try and find something that others could

use they found lots of straw and they

decided to use that I didn't straw I

don't mean the straws that you suck out

of I mean the straws I then the straws

that you used to feed cows you know

straw so yeah let's go

so Andrex and Little Ted put some straw

into the burner ignited the burner and

whoosh off they went

now they had overlooked one very

important detail

they were meant to tie themselves to the

ground well tie the boss get to the

ground using rope and a stick which were

pushed into the ground mr. stark had

given them that but they completely

forgot about it because of the fact that

there's aa bear balloon all over it and

now they were drifting up and up and up

and then Andrew said at least I bought

some sandwiches and then Little Ted was

like yummy what kind of sandwiches and

Andrex said chicken and Little Ted

said okay we might as well have done

more we can so they sat down in the

basket and they eat their sandwiches but

they forgot to put more straw in and the

burner ran out foosh the balloons was

dropping and fast it was rocking from

side to side like it was something mad

Andrex however he remembered seeing

parachutists when he was little and

thinking quickly he bravely climbed a

string that held the balloon to the to

the basket and he took a pair of

scissors and climbed up he cut a big

hole in the top and Little Ted shouted

what are you doing they'll just make us

full faster and then Andrex says I know

but at least we won't have to be queasy

because this hole will prevent it from

rocking side to side and so it rocked

and rocked and rocked and rocked and

rocked and rocked until a counter stopped

why because it was stuck in a tree and

Rex looks at the balloon you'll studied

there were holes everywhere oh well said Andrex

well that's the end of our flying

adventures actually no said little kid

why do we build an airplane maybe you're right but not today

I'm tired this goat is me and he dozed off right in the basket

so did Little Ted. sorry

boys and girls does the story I hope you liked it.

Thank you for listening.

please continue the support for the story other ways because it is very helpful and it keeps me going.

Thank you for all the support you have given and there's my name Kenya and I bet you farewell dream of hot baboons