Quest for Candytopia

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story and you're in bed.

well tonight's story is going to be called quest for Candytopia.

It was a fine day and Andrex and Little Ted were eating lunch.

Andrex was gnawing on the particularly nice bone and he had some roast potatoes and a chicken wing in his bag.

Little Ted was eating some salad and a tomato and a cherry.

"Why a cherry?" said Andrex to Little Ted.

"I like cherries." said Little Ted.

so that fine day they were sitting on the ship after they had finished their lunch and they decided to go to Candytopia (if it was even real.)

so off they set on the very modern vessel with a very sleek cockpit and a very big turbine so off they went but soon it was dinnertime

and they were hungry and they still hadn't seen any land

so Andrex handed out some sandwiches there was a

chicken and ham one for Andrex and there was a lettuce and ham one for Little Ted so off they went

and finally as the Sun rose they began to see what look like a pink dot

now it got bigger and bigger and bigger until they crashed into it

They had found Candytopia and now the ship was lying on cotton candy so if they went to see what Candytopia had in store for them

well there was giant caramel spikes, some ice lollies, some lollipops but that was

as far as they could go when they realized it was just an island

there were candy pigs though so they took one of those and ate it

nom nom nom

the pig was made of hardened caramel and it was very nice but then a massive toffee bear ran out of its cave and started running towards the two animals.

quickly they scrambled back onto their ship and went away and they decided they wouldn't quite go back until they put some more defense systems on the ship

well boys and girls there's the end of the story

I hope you liked it and dream of pigs ; caramel pigs