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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story

Well, tonight's story is going to be called Return to Candytopia.

and well yeah I think we should get on with the story

now so from their last veteran Candytopia Andrex and Little Ted had been

rebuilding their boat they had decided to call it the floating dog

For some weird reason and they're fitted it with lots of extra thrusters

so it goes faster a more aerodynamic body and it's a built-in music system

yes I don't know why they built like a like a built-in music system

maybe it's because they wanted some comfort and they had also

added a harpoon to fishing rods for each of them a box of baits and some pickaxes

white wipe attracted said Little Ted so

we can so when the toffee bear dies

which we'll do with our like with our drills

Then we can use the pickaxes to break up the toffee and set

sail for home with the toffee

when we've gone off and explored Candytopia Oh

and slow tomorrow day and so they discussed the plan tomorrow they would

go out into the vast open waters and

they had fretted the boat with the stuff

that I said earlier so they should be

more prepared and also I was a fitted it

with an emergency escape pod so if the ship was sinking

they just hurry down to the escape pod

climb in and they can get out easily so

with the room from the thrusters is a splash from the wave and a Lhari

da-da-da from the Bilson music system

they were off sailings Ando on the car

motion to try and find candy toy tree

again now they searched for a long time

and few hours later they were completely

lost they did not know which way to go

north or south east or west up or down

or left or right they just knew that

they were lost until they found a pink

glimmer in the horizon and as they sailed closer they found out that this

was Candytopia and they were going so fast that they almost rammed into the island

Andrex swerved it so diet

would go along the bank of the island

and drove it quietly into a nearby Harbor

then they grab their pickaxes and drills and they also grabbed a telescope

and they're under beacon wait a minute

said objects only meant to put the beacon in the boat so then whenever so

then even if we get lost we can see

where it is oh yeah

Andrex no I mean Little Ted

sorry about that and so they went off to look for a toffee bear soon they came to a lollipop

now this was not the small lollipop that

you would usually eat but a huge lollipop the size of a tree lollipop

it was massive and it was quite near a cave

and this cave was made out of not toffee

but fudge yes fudge but then I'm drew

screamed toffee and he had the good reason to do it as well

it took me bare like the wondered scene

and been chased by when they first came

to Candytopia was running towards them

growling Little Ted quickly raised his

pickaxe and struck it down on the Bears

head it didn't do anything

it just not Little Ted over and started squashing him

then it was Andrex's turned he

activated the drill and plunged into the

Bears nose totally went flying

everywhere and when they gathered up the

toffee in their rucksacks they set off

to find more toffee business and maybe

some other things next they saw a

caramel live river so did to death masks

and scooped up some of the hot caramel

that was flowing next after the caramel

river and of course they using the chopper boat they found a sweet squirrel

get a squirrel mega sweets literally

so they chilled it and put that in the rucksack as well now this time it was starting to get dark so they got some

wood and they made camp next to the caramel river

but they did not know that something was lurking in the shadow

Ok, boys and girls, that was part one of the story.

I hope you liked it thanks for listening and I shall see you in the next story.

Good night and dream of Candytopia.