Stunt Drivers

From Swavesey Storytime


This story is about Andrex and Little Ted and their quest to find themselves a job that does NOT involve digging in any way, despite the fact that all the dogs in Doggyville are archaeologists and their main job is to dig for bones.


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Hello boys and girls, I hope you're ready for bed, you've brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you've got your pajamas on.

Well, tonight the story is going to be called Stunt Drivers.

So, this story is about a little dog called Andrex, and his friend Little Ted (who is a teddy bear.) and they live in the seaside town called Doggyville.

It's called that because it's full of dogs, and the dogs are very, very famous because they are good archeologists; they can dig for bones, and many a dog has stumbled upon a dinosaur bone.

Now, Andrex hasn't really found any bones, he was a bit disappointed.

And he didn't really want to get his paws muddy, just looking for some bones.

So he decided to go hunting around the island on his car, which is a bit small but still it's quite nice, to look for another job.

So Little Ted and Andrex went around in their car around the island to find the job.

The first job they found was making fireworks.

There was a tortoise there and he decided to let them try, but it didn't go very well and I'll tell you why.

So on their island there was a lot of gunpowder or, at least, on that part.

So they would get the gunpowder and then make fireworks with it!

Now, I don't know how they do it, but Andrex and Little Ted tried to do it and it didn't go very well.

For example, Little Ted tried to make a blue firework.

That would go, and when it exploded, be in the shape of a little bear!

But, it didn't go very well.

When he set it off, instead of going up, it went sideways!

Straight towards the tortoise's hut.


Wood everywhere. It wasn't very good.

Andrex was a little bit more successful.

He didn't want to make a really complicated shape. He decided to go for a star, a nice golden star.

So he decided to try and make his nice gold star.

He got some gunpowder, and some golden dust, and all the other stuff that you need and then he made it.

When he set it off, the star was a bit wobbly but at least it was a star!

But, they didn't like that job so they went off to find another one.

Around the island they went on their little car, around the island, up the hills, down the hills, across the bridges, under bridges, until they came to a pet trick shop, or much rather a stadium where they make pets do tricks.

So Andrex parked his car in the parking slot, and paid the money, and off they went to see if they could get the job.

Now, the person running the stadium was very kind, and he decided to let them have a go.

So, they went into the training area and started doing some tricks.

Well, Little Ted could do a teddy bear roll and Andrex could do a doggy roll, but that was pretty much all they could do.

So, when the person came and and he saw them just doing that, he was very upset and Andrex said 'Sorry.'

And then the human looked at Andrex, and gaped.

And the human decided that Andrex could talk to the humans as his act.

Now, however, when it was the night Andrex got nervous, and Little Ted was practicing juggling ice creams, but then it all went wrong on the night.

Ice creams went everywhere and woofs and barks and meows and growls were heard everywhere.

They were sent out of the stadium in disgrace.

Then they went back on their little car, and then they were going around the island again until they came to a port!

They decided to get a job there and it went well, but then it all went wrong.

Andrex was asleep in a chair, and then when the boats came in and they signaled, he didn't see!

CRASH! BANG! The ship hit the dock, and started sinking.

When he heard the bang Andrex woke up!

He quickly rushed down to the dock and dived into the water, rescued all of the animals on the boat, and all the people, and then, tired paddled back to the dock.

Because the 'accident', the bear who was running the docks threw them out, and then he threw a stick at them, which hit both of their heads.


then, getting back into their car, they caught a boat and then came to another island, far away from Doggyville.

And they decide to stay with Andrex's grandma

And then the next day, they went out hunting again for jobs

So, they got in the little car and they went around the island.

Then, they saw a poster. It was saying: Free jobs for the animals who perform best at the Olympic Stadium tonight!

So, Andrex said to Little Ted, 'Maybe we can go there!' woof! 'And we can get a job!' woof! and then Little Ted said, 'Oh yeah, maybe we could.' 'Hmm, yeah maybe we could!' growl!

So off they went, in their little car, to the Olympic Stadium.

Now, if you really want to know what the Olympic Stadium looks like, well, it's big and round and it has loads of windows and the roof is clear and made of glass so you can see all the planes, and clouds and stars.

So they arrived, and then they waited... and waited... and waited.. until it was finally their turn.

Unfortunately, they have't practiced a routine.

There was a ramp though, so Andrex said, 'Maybe we can do some stunts in my car!' woof! and Little Ted agreed.

So, they got in the car, and went zooming into the stadium.

Now, Andrex has a Lamborghini (seriously) and you know Lamborghinis are very fast.

So they went flying up the ramp, did a back flip, and a front flip, and then they flipped sideways, and they were still in the air! And then, finally, they came down.

Splunk! They hit the ground and then the suspension bounced them back up!

And they went zooming back up the ramp, did another back flip in the car, and then landed.

The crowd cheered, and the noise was so loud that it broke all the windows!

And then the judges declared that Andrex and Little Ted were the winners, and so they got the job.

Now, have I told you what their job was yet? No, I haven't.

I'll tell you now, their job was... stunt drivers!

They would go around performing their stunts to loads of different islands, plus they also get free rides back to Doggyville.

So off they went, back to Doggyville, and then when they got home, Andrex decided to cook something very special.

He made a cake, not just any cake, a cake in the shape of a monster truck!

And that, boys and girls, is the story. I hope you liked it.

Well, thanks for listening boys and girls, and good night.