The Fox And The Stork

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story.

Tonight's story is going to be the Fox and the Stork from favorite fables.

One day a fox decided to invite a Stork to tea and set

the table with his breast crockery he

brushed his fine long tail and to it

Shawn like copper and then dressed in

his best blue coat soon there was a tap

on the door it was a Stork and with a

great flourish the Fox opened the door

and bowed low do step inside he cried

welcome to my humble home the stalk

looked very elegant in a beautiful

purple hat and matching cape as she

stepped her daintily into the rim her

hat feathers quivered she was very

hungry I do hope the Fox has plenty of

food she said to herself interesting I

have cooked some beautiful soup

announced the Fox let us begin

and he showed the Stork to a chair but

the poor Stork was dismayed to see that

the only plates laid upon the table were

quite flat

how would she be able to eat off such a

dish the Fox came bustling in from the

kitchen and carefully set a steaming pot

of soup down in the center of the table

the Fox ladle out the soup was much

smacking of lips and many appreciative

sniffs then he sat down lifted his spoon

and smiled broadly at the Stork do tuck

in he urged this is my best soup

but the Stork looked down at her plates

and sighed unhappily she could not

swallow the soup with our long pointed

beak and so she could only sit and watch

as the Fox greedily lapped up his

playful when the Fox had finished he

looked across at the Stork in surprise

did you not enjoy the soup

he asked wrinkling his brow as greatly

concerned but the poor Stork was too

polite to complain and so the wily Fox

lapped up her portion as well the next

day when the Stork awoke she was still

hungry she relied to repay the Fox's

hospitality and invited him to dinner

that evening he was delighted and

accepted eagerly but as the Fox sat down

to eat at the Stork s table he could

hardly believe his eyes

the only dishes upon the table were too


to juggs the Fox was very sad for he

could not get at the soup while the

shots talked depth her slender weak

inside the drunk and drunk her soup he

returned home a sadder and wiser Fox

with nobody to blame but himself for as

he plainly realized he had only been

paid back for his own uncaring behavior

and the moral of this story is do as you

would be done by

All right boys and girls that is the end of the story. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time bye