The Fox and the Crow

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you've brushed your teeth, you've washed yourface and you're ready for your story

today you know stories stories yay okay

Tonight's story is going to be read again from favorite fables

these are still a ton of stuff yet ton of stuff

left and it will be from the section

that is labeled Aesop's fables and it's called the Fox and the crow

okay let's just get my story I never meet

blathering about stuff stuff that's my

friend his favorite word okay there was

once of fine Fox he had the glossy red

coat and a beautiful booty tail his

pointy his pointed ears pricked up at

the smallest sound and his sharp nose

twitch tat the faintest smell early one

evening as the Fox proud under the old

oak trees his black nose began to

prickle what a wonderful smell said the

Fox to himself it is better than rabbits

it is better than chickens mind you this

is a fox what could it be he bent his

head to the ground and snuffled among

the leaves and the grass

the tantalizing smell was knocked down

there he sniffed again where is this

marvelous smell coming from

he raised his nose high in the air and

sniffed once more then he caught sight

of something perched high above him on

the branch of an oaky like no branch of

an oak tree yes it was a glossy black

crow and he was holding something and

happy something yellow something tasty

something very like cheese the Fox

licked his lips he badly wanted that

piece of cheese but how was he to reach

it we certainly could not fly high

enough or jump high enough foxes can't

fly to catch the bird then the cunning

that means very clever sneaky sly

character if someone says that if

someone has a cunning character that

means they're very clever you know and

then the cunning Fox had a clever idea

he looked up on the crow and the crow

looked down with him what a magnificent

bird exclaimed the Fox such a glossy

black feathers such a bright yellow beak

the crow Kooks stood quite still but she

quivered with pleasure tear the Foxes

charming words what sparkling eyes

continued to Fox

they glitter like two beads of jet

I cannot believe there is such a bird

anywhere in the world who can match this

beautiful crow the crow had never heard

of such flattery well never heard such

flattery and she fluffed up her feathers

and bobbed up and down on the branch

drinking in the bald Fox's honeyed words

no idea what honey it means then the

hawk spoke again and his eyes never left

a large piece of cheese I wonder if the

crows voice is as splendid as his her

appearance she said she would indeed be

creek wean of all the birds if such a

wondrous bird was also breast with a

glorious singing voice then the vain

crow could not resist the chance to show

an opening her mouth wide she began to

call loudly well the wily Fox in you

just war would happen nice and he was

waiting the cheese tumbled from the

crows beat and fell straight into the

fox's open mouth he chewed it slowly and

lovingly and at last wallet with a happy

side very tasty he said and he licked

his lips as the crow screech for with

rage above his head well said the Fox

smugly my but what a pity it is that you

are not blessed with a brain

and he sauntered off with his tail held

high in the air and the moral of this

story is never trust a flatterer the flatterer

is someone who says things about you

good things eyes if someone is to

flatter you they are to charm you to

make you feel good but sometimes they

use this to their advantage as you could

see the Fox used fluttering to get the

cheese from the crow okay boys and girls

now that's the end of the story I hope you liked it and dream of crows and the stupid brains

good night