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Hello boys and girls,

I hope you've brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your bedtime story.

so tonight's story is the Golden Goose from favorite tables.

Once upon a time there were three brothers.

The youngest son was given the name of Dummling and he was laughed at by his family and everybody else in the town.

One day the eldest son went into the forest to cut some wood,

his mother gave him a cake and a bottle of wine and off he went whistling cheerfully

but he had no sooner set to work when a little old man appeared

I'm so hungry I'm thirsty. May I have some wine and cake he asked?

but the eldest son shook his head be off with you

he said gruffly: I will share my meal with no one

but it seems the old man was going to get his revenge for

with the very next swing of the axe it landed on the eldest son's foot how he yelled

the next day the second son decided to try his luck

and once again his mother gave him cake and wine

the little old man approached the second son and asked share his meal but the second son also refused,

he too was cut by the next swing of the axe the next day

Dummling set off for the forest to cut some wood.

He was given only bread and water, but he was happy to share what he had with the little man.

You are a good boy said the man and if you cut down that tree you will get your reward.

Dummling he did as he was bid and was astonished to find a goose covered entirely with golden feathers

I will go to the city and seek my fortune, Dummling decided. this beautiful goose will give me luck as he strolled along

the lane he passed a girl she gasped to see such a beautiful creature and

stretched out her hand to stroke it but imagine her dismay when she

found that she could not take her hand away

The goose was a magic goose and whoever laid a finger on her thick golden feathers soon found themselves stuck fast before many hours had passed.

Dummling had collected two more inquisitive girls and a parson all stuck fast one behind the other.

As they stumbled across the field they met the bishop

My dear parson he cried how do you taken leave of your senses and you reached out and caught the parson sleeve

now he too was stuck fast and it wasn't long before they were joined by a ploughman and a shepherd

after a time they reached the city and there in the palace near the king and his daughter she had never been known to smile and the King had promised her hand in marriage to the first person who was able to make her laugh well,

when she saw the three girls the parson the bishop the ploughman and the poor Shepherd all falling over one another behind Dummlings golden goose, she burst into peals of laughter.

The king came running and Dummling lost no time in asking permission to marry

the princess hmm thought the king to himself I do not want this raggle taggle boy to marry my daughter

I must give him an impossible task to perform

and when he fails I will be able to refuse him

and so the king told Dummling that before the marriage could take place

he would first have to find a man who could drink a whole cellar full of wine

Dummling scratched his head

and then he remembered the old man in the forest but

when he returned to the glade the old man was not there

instead, he found a short man with a miserable face oh I am so terribly

thirsty he groaned I have already drunk a barrel of wine but I feel as if I could drain a lake dry you are just the man

I am looking for cried Dummling and he led the man to the wine cellar

the fat man clapped his hands with glee this is a sight for sore eyes the short man declared

and soon he had emptied every bottle keg cask and barrel

the king was more vexed than ever he decided to set another task

and this time he made it even harder

find me a man who can eat a whole mountain of bread do it well satisfied that this would prove impossible

but Dummling you just went straight to the forest

and there he discovered a tall thin man sitting

I've just had four ovenfuks of bread for my supper but to just barely taken the edge of my appetite, complained the man

Dummling pulled on his sleeve I know a place where you could eat your fill

and he led him back to the palace

the cooks set to work and kneaded the dough for a day and a night

when the bread was piled high it filled the entire courtyard.

the thin man ate and ate and ate and within hours

there was nothing left of the mountain of bread except one very fat man

then the king set one last impossible quest

find for me a ship that can sail on both land and sea

only then marry my daughter, he declared this time

Dummling found a little old man waiting for him in the forest

I have not forgotten your kindness he said

now look behind me then was a great rush of canvas as the most magnificent ship sailed into the grade

when the King saw a ship sailing over the fields towards his castle,

he knew he would have to give it

and so Dummling and the princess were married they lived happily ever after.

But back at home, Dummling's two brothers grew bitter and miserable and all for their lack of a good generous heart

All right boys and girls that's the end of the story.

I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time