The Lion and the Mouse

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you've brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and your oh yeah you're ready for your story.

Today we're going to read again from favorite fables

and the story this time is still in Aesop's fables

who'd the lion and the mouse yes okay

starting there was once a mighty lion he was powerful and strong and when he

ruled Earthship the parrots squawk and

the monkeys ran chattering to the

treetops all the animals were afraid of him

and they called him the king of the

beasts the little mouse was especially

frightened as she she knew that is the

Lions paws landed on top of her ruby

squashed his flat as a blade of grass

and I was very flattered she tried her

best to keep well away from the king of the beasts

one day as the lion slept in the shade

of an old acacia tree the mouth was

scuttling busily about her business

searching for small seed stayed

little did he know the stirring steps

took a Polish spy the seed pickin up his

leg she scampered and oh the time

thinking she was nothing but smooth

termite hill but as her feet ran

tickling of course his box the line

awoke with a mighty roar the little

mouse tumbled to the ground and the

flash here trapped her tail under one enormous paw

do you not know who I am I think that

was quite good place the little mouse

could feel him his hot breath singeing

her whiskers and she nodded her head up

and down rapidly yes yes she does you

are the king of beasts the lord of the

jungle the mighty lion that is so right

smiled the lion approving approvingly

just so and he tightened his grip on her

tail oh please have pity on me the mass

spec if you save my life today why one

day why who knows the heart one day I can save yours.

the lion threw his head back and laughed

in love you saved my life he said a

little mouse saved the king of the beasts lot I should certainly like

well little mouse he continued you have

made me lost so stop trembling and fear

not for I will not harm you gently he

lifted his Pole from her tail and the little mouse ran for the safety of the

long grass as fast as her little legs

carry her now some days later big-game

hunters I gave the grassland lay traps

for the animals the lion loped along as

usual pass sniffing the morning air when

all of a sudden he found something heavy

full of him the more he struggled the tighter he was held he had been caught

in a net he groaned in despair for he feared his days were over

far away the little mouse heard his cry and he quickly know quickly not prickly quickly

ran through the grass to help him now it is my turn to help you she said

and she began to nibble at the rope with her

sharp teeth soon he had made a large hole and in the net underlying crude

three thank you miss he said gratefully

now I can see that little friends can become great friends

and the moral of this story is one good turn deserves

okay boy I think I'll start the story I hope you like there and I'll see you next time

dream of mice and lions