The Missing Car

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The Missing Car tells of how one day Andrex's car (a Lamborghini) goes missing as a weasel had stolen it, and of the brave endeavors of Andrex and Little Ted to retrieve the car before the weasel sells it to a fox.


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I hope you're ready for bed, you brushed your teeth,you washed your face

you've got your pajamas on, you're ready for your story

Well, tonight's story is called the missing car

so Andrex and Little Ted had been doing their job as stunt drivers for a while

so they use their car a lot but one day it went missing

That's right a 100 pound Lamborghini missing,

an utter disaster!

They went all the way around the island

And all the way around doggyville

Trying to search for their missing car

And they didn't find it

now, there'd been a weasel in doggyville

And Andrex and all the other dogs in doggyville have seen him peering at Andrex's car which is a Lamborghini

And they suspected that he'd taken it

But then when they went back the weasel was gone

they did find some footprint and a hair as in a piece of hair,

Not the hare as in the Tortoise and the Hare

And so, they decided to contact their friend Sniffy

He's a dog who has a very good sense

He can sniff so hard and so well that they say he can sniff out a piece of steak from a few miles away

dun, dun, dun

so they gave him the hair and he sniffed and he sniffed

and then he ran off towards the old mine

Andrex said, I think we better follow him

I think he's on to something and the Little Ted agreed

so off they went chasing Sniffy down into the deep dark coal mine until they came to a dead end

sniffing and sniffing, Sniffy started pressing the wall, so Andrex started pressing the wall as well and so did Little Ted

until Andrex eventually hits a lump on the wall

a door slid open, a stone door which they hadn't seen before and then they went in

now there's a fox and a weasel and the fox was just about to take the Lamborghini out through that door

and then they shot out of the door just as it was beginning to close with the Lamborghini

that is Little Ted, Sniffy and Andrex

The fox and the weasel tried to chase them, but their tails got stuck in the door as it closed and they were left there

so they drove back home where Andrex decided to get some hot chocolate

it was very chilly and soon it was going to be spring

and very soon at dog Elementary School will be half-term

so then you can half-term they can do lots of stuff in half-term

so that, boys and girls, is the end of the story

Thank you for listening, and tonight dream of weasels and cars