The Wolf And The Ass

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you've brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're ready for your story.

Tonight's story is going to be the wolf

and the ass from favorite fables one day

the ass settled to find some sweet grass

to eat he followed the path from the

jungle and soon found himself far away

from his usual haunts here the grass was

lush and green and soon the US was busy

chewing away quite contented and without

a care in the world but as he munched

happily in the meadow a big grey wolf

crept up on him unawares

suddenly the ask pricked up his ears so

he could hear the pad of soft paws

behind him

that wolf means to make me his supper

said the donkey to himself when the wolf

was close enough to pounce the ass

lifted his head and called out quite

hardly I shouldn't do that if I were you

he said the wolf was astonished

why was the ass so unafraid I have

trodden on a sharp thorn explained the

ass and if you eat me it will be sure to

stick in your throat I'm sure you would

not want that

the wolf shook his head and that has

continued I will lift up my hoof and

then you can pull out the sword before

you eat me

he offered help me the wolf could not

believe his luck he stood behind the ass

and as the ass waited patiently with his

hoof in the air the wolf had a good look

for the thorn but there was no thorn to

be found then the US summoned up all of

his strength and with a loud and

triumphant whinny

he gave a mighty kick the wolf flew head

over heels in this year and landed in

the middle of a thorn bush howling was

pain that ass is not as stupid as he

looks thought the wolf to himself as he

picked the thorns from his bottom one by

one but they asked just smiled at him

sweetly as he trotted off home and the

moral of this story is beware of unexpected favors

Okay boys and girls that's the end of the story I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time.