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Hello boys and girls, I hope you've

brushed your teeth, you've washed your

face and you're ready for your story now

tonight's story is going to be called

let's go camping so we shall start the

story now so Little Ted and andreas had

been very excited from the past few

weeks you see earlier they had bought a

camping tent and some marshmallows and

they brought a survival knife okay well

to survival knives three knives and

little tread and Andrex's

had decided to go camping in the forest

that was very near Doggyville so it was

finally the day they packed up all their

things and set off into the dark forest

okay it wasn't that dark but still it

was dark as they trudged through the

forest they then came to a mountain they

couldn't go over it actually they could

go over it they couldn't go under it

there weren't any caves and they

couldn't go all the way around because

there was rivers and rocks so they

couldn't they could only do one thing

and they started decline some time later

they got to the bottom Andrex looked up

like he had just been through a tornado

and Little Ted well he was bright red

and your twigs and his fur mainly

because he was so tired they

accidentally rolled down the man the

mountain side and it had to run to get

to him and they went on to try and find

the suitable camping place they finally

found one because it had water and it

had a good source of wood and there was

flat so they chose that place as their

camping site and they put the tent down

filled a bottles with water after they

had filtered it through the water filter

and made a campfire using the sticks of

wood that were around some time later

Little Teded Andrex's

were roasting marshmallows in the night

when the herd of wolf Oh

Oh quick as lightning they bolted back

into their tent and they hid in their

sleeping then they heard some dogs

outside then they heard the rushing

sound of water and someone laughing

we'll get rid of that dog will show him

who's best then it was quiet and you

could only hear the footsteps crunch

crunch crunch on leaves and that's a

Little Ted peered out the person was

gone but oh the tree chopped down and he

had left something something sharp

something like a blade something like an

axe well it was

ah you picked up and looked at these

axes are only for cutting trees I've

seen them when they were Lumberjacks in

doggy Little Ted said how are them on

the chart in Doggyville I thought they

were archeologists and Little Ted

Shepherd I mean Andrex said well you

know you have to build houses and we are

the only source of wood that we have is

from that forest so we send off

Lumberjacks and then they come back

well Lumberjacks like that don't laugh

and they don't cool things whitey who is

fighting I don't know Andrex but I

think we've had enough excitement for

one night

come on we go this time though when they

start to climbing they realized the

mountain was much too steep on this side

so they remembered while Andres

remembered that this stream there looked

the same looked like the same stream

that there was passing Doggyville

and it was the same stream soda decided

to build a raft they gather some sticks

and they had some rope in Andrex's

backpack so they finally made a raft

they put all the things on it they

decided to put a little sail on it since

little tears had some fabric and the

wind was very nice today

so after went down on the raft until

till they came to some Rapids quickly

they cut off a piece and then they put

the sail onto that piece and then they

quickly paddled away with the hands and

sticks as you can imagine the main part

of the raft went crashing down but apart

the Little Ted and Andrew Warren went

on a different course went around the

bend up didn't have any Rapids in it and

then it came back to the bit where the

Rapids had gone so off they sailed again

through the woods down the hills and

into Doggyville again they jumped off

their rock tied it to a post that they

burn the river and they put signed

saying Little Ted and Andrex's raft

well that was the last they had of there

camping trips

style they decided to try and figure out

this mystery of the accident and also

dogs as well so boys and girls, that was

the story I hope you liked it please

keep on going with the support because

it really encourages me and also if you

would like to hear more about little

tread Andrex and their adventures in

Doggyville and more about McDonald's

farmer tales then please give this group

a big fat thumbs up and please if you

know that your friends have children you

like stories please invite them to this

group so I hope you liked the story my

name is Chen Liang and they bid you