Raining Tacos

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you brushed

your teeth, you've washed your face and

you're ready for your story well

tonight's story is going to be called it's

going to be cold it's raining tacos and

now we shall go on with the story

so Andrex have been in his garage for a

long time and Little Ted was very

worried about him every night he would

snip into the garage to see what he was

working on at first it looks like a

clump of metal and then as his always

adjusted to the darkness at this very

particular moment it looks like a writer

on it he said just pick out the writing

tackle box

mm but then the light turned on and and

what the heck are you doing here he said

can you please get out and then new

quick of the flash little head was gone

then hundreds took it out and started

pressing buttons on a remote a mean word

then stopped good tommy said armed rex

but then a big fat cheesy taco fell

right on his head oh my god is working

is working it's working he shouted

running around like a total maniac the

next day the floor was covered in tacos

everyone started eating instantly norm

norm norm munch munch munch but

eventually this became a problem as they

started eating they became fatter and

fatter and fatter

until they became so flat that they

couldn't even walk anymore

let alone walk through the doors now

they were all very ashamed of what they

did Andrex saw this and decided to turn

the taco but then when he went back to

turn it off it was missing

German German and he never heard about

her again as for the people they

returned to their normal size with this

doctor eating habits

and once all the tacos were gone they

returned to them now Little Ted was very

suspicious so he built another Taco Bell

but it was Freddy then he and Little Ted

pull on their detective gear and hid in

the garage

and then at the dead of night they saw

the culprit it was a stray it was a

large fat Ashley he wasn't that was

quite sim and he was a very sly weasel

the exact same weasel

they had kicked into the hole from the

day when they went to the karate into

the dead of night well that's a witness

said Little Ted well what we going to do

now said address I have no idea but

we're going to have to do something I'm

fast I have a feeling that this won't be

the last we'll see of this weasel well

boys and girls tell us the story thank

you for listening I hope you enjoyed it

please continue the support Alice it

really gives my spirits up and thank you

for like everything in the support this

group I hope you enjoyed the story

farewell and dream wall weasels

okay dream attackers