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Andrex and Little Ted build a ship with which they can embark on a quest to find the fabled island of Candytopia!


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Hello boys and girls, I hope you're ready for bed, you've brushed your teeth, you've washed your face and you're in bed.

So tonight's story is going to be called Shipshape.

Now Andrex and Little Ted had been going on PawTube, which is sort of like YouTube, but in Doggyville it's called PawTube and recently they've been learning on PawTube about The Legend of Candytopia.

Now, if you don't know what Candytopia is, it is basically a giant land full of candy!

now Andrex and Little Ted curious I

wanted to find out if legend of candy

topia was real unfortunately they had to

go by boat or plane unfortunately and

yes this helicopter had broken down

after the chase with the weasel so he was unable to use that and it takes a

lot of money to read to to make a plane

and he turned Andrex didn't have that

much money so they had to go by boat

but first there to build the base wood

shall we have it I have no idea said Little Ted too.

So they decided to go through all of the bases that they could find

they had a metal one which was sleek and

streamlined they had a big pirate ship

e1 which was called yo-ho-ho but they didn't like how it looked

So they decided not to use them and there was a

stone one it was called battle-ready

but when they put it on the water you

can guess what happened boys and girls

not sank straight to the bottom so that

left Oh need the metal one

So they decided to go with the metal one but in

those days there were pirates so they

needed some weapons to defend themselves

with Little Ted said nuclear bombs

buying drinks was like maybe not we really don't want that much

and then Andrex suggested maybe maybe

some missiles and Little Ted was like

okay so they built the babies and put

some missiles on it at the front and

then Andric said we need a cockpit now

and then they found some spare cockpits

in Andrex's garage so they cobble

together some stuff and they ended up

with some different cockpits there was a circle one a square one

and a particularly streamlined one which

was very flapped but it gave a very good

view and added to the boat speed so they

decided to test them out know the Saffir

one they tested up first now they try to

fix it on but it looked very weird have

a Saphir and there wasn't really much of

a way to get in

god damn it said Andrex will have to try another one

so next Detroit square one builds big

and blocky and they did really know

where to put it

salandrich was like oops not that one

they only left the streamlined one so

they put it on the boat and it fitted

just perfectly next they needed a form

of trans power immediately Little Ted

was like say oh no we need maximum

capacity speed here

I suggest jets and then Android and then

little turtles like oh yes jets

so they put three jets on and boy did it

go fast when they test it out well boys

and girls I'll tell you what happened next

they sailed off with a map and a compass

to try and find candy topia so that's

all that I have time for today.

Boys and girls thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed the story and dream of boats.