Weasel Kicking

From Swavesey Storytime


Andrex and Little Ted go to a karate club and then use this knowledge to stop a weasel thief.


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Hello boys and girls, I hope you've brushed your teeth, you've washed your face you're ready for bed and you're ready for your story and you're in bed.

So, tonight's story is going to be called Bear kicking. (this was later renamed to Weasel Kicking.)

So, Little Ted and Andrex after their last adventure had been thinking about joining the local karate club in town which was sponsored by Arctic H. Paws, who is a polar bear, and he used to be a heavyweight boxer and he's doing a karate club.

So they decided to go along and do some karate.

Unfortunately the club costs money and you need five doggy cents and one doggy dollar to pay for a lesson

So they gathered up their savings and altogether they had two doggy cents and five doggy dollars which will definitely be enough.

So, off they wet to go to the karate club and maybe learn some karate.

So off they went, down the hill that led to their house, and through the busy marketplace of Doggyville, past the exhibition area and to a very big gray building.

It wasn't very pretty.

It had loads and loads of dark patches and there was mold starting to grow.

So Little Ted said to Andrex, 'Well, we might as well just go in there as we've already paid to money.'

So off they went back in.

How it reeked!

It smelled of socks, and bare feet, and most of all, a lot of

punching and kicking.

So they paid the money and started doing some karate.

Well, they didn't do too well.

Andrex kept near missing, and Little Ted kept being knocked over like he was a toy! (which he was)

So, they decided to go on a private lesson.

So they paid the money again, and they did some private lessons, and after quite a few days, they could do lots of karate.

They could do a front kick, a back kick, a side kick, reverse punch, high block, low block and they could do the first form, and the second form, and the first bostaff form.

So then they were feeling very proud of themselves, and they strolled through the square not looking a bit smug.

And while they were walking they noticed there was a weasel sneaking into one of the stalls.

the weasel snuck in, grabbed a giant, very very bright crystal, and rushed off.

Andrex and Little Ted hurried back to the house on the hill, grabbed the Lamborghini and sped off after the critter.

Now, the weasel went down an alleyway.

Lamborghinis can't go down alleyways, so they stopped the Lamborghini at the side and grabbed their motorcycle.

(Yes, I know Andrex had a motorcycle and a Lamborghini)

So off they zoomed after him, while the weasel was actually pedaling a bicycle.

But, then they accidentally zoomed past him, and ended up crashing into a load of bins.


So they decided to fly in a helicopter.

(Yes, I know, Andrex has a Lamborghini, a motorcycle and a helicopter, oh my god)

So they got into the helicopter.

They also decided to contact Policeman Kangaroo (I know it's really stupid but still) and soon he was on his way bouncing after the robber.

But then he came to a dead end, and when Andrex and Little Ted got there he was nowhere to be seen!

Now Andrex didn't particularly like digging, but weasels are known for going underground so he started to dig until he fell into a massive hole, which was full of precious artifacts.

There were rubies and diamonds and fossils and the very bright crystal that they had seen the weasel take, and then the weasel popped up and he was holding a gun.

So he tried to shoot them, but because they were learning karate Andrex and Little Ted dodged it, and the weasel got a hefty kick to the face!

(That must have hurt)

And he fell on the ground and the gun fell into some water and deactivated.

So then when Policeman Kangaroo came they gave him all of the stolen treasure and he returned it back.

And they were given an award for bravery and they were given a cash reward of five hundred doggy dollars and fifty doggy cents, which is quite a lot.

Mainly because the weasel had been wanted for a very long time.

however down in the pit / burrow he was plotting again.

Now, that's all I have time for today, I hope you enjoyed the story.

Thank you for listening and dream of karate! ayah!